Rethabile Khumalo is back and healthy (Photos)

Rethabile Khumalo survives poisoning

Rethabile Khumalo is back and serving beauty following three surgeries in the hospital.

Last week, the mother of the singer announced on social media that she was fighting for your life after being poisoned by her friend.

“It has been six days now in hospital…So I decided its only fair to share with her supporters these sad news…They did 3operations on her already we hoping that @rethabile_rsa will soon recover but at the moment akukho kuhle….She has been On and off…When you pray please include her in your prayers….Ubunzima bokuba umzali,” Winnie Khumalo wrote.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Winnie revealed that her daughter is back home; she appreciates the show of love and prayers.

“Thank you for your prayers,love and support @rethabile_rsa is back home,” the mom wrote on Instagram.

Photos of Rethabile looking dope after a makeover was also shared by her stylist as proof that the singer is indeed okay.