Rocket League kicks off Season 2 on December 9 with New Arenas, Customizations and Music

Psyonix just unveiled what awaits players on December 9 for Season 2 of Rocket League, which went free-to-play on September 23.


Season 2 of a new start for the football game with radio-controlled cars from Psyonix, acquired by Epic Games and which thus made the transition from Steam to the Epic Games Store on PC at the same time as its passage in free-to-play. This new season will offer new content presented succinctly via a trailer.

An Epic new content


This season 2 will therefore offer a new arena called Neon Fields, many customization options and original music in the pure Rocket League atmosphere signed Kaskade. Customization options will include music celebrations throughout the arena after a goal is scored.

In addition to these new contents, as the game became free-to-play, season 2 will incorporate a Rocket Pass, a form adapted to the game of the Season Pass well known today. This Rocket Pass, which will offer more than 70 milestones to be reached either by playing or by investing a few dollars, will notably make it possible to obtain new musical themes and a new car, the R3MX, highlighted in the trailer.

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The Rocket Labs mode, withdrawn in 2018 and which makes it possible to test arena prototypes that stand out a bit, will also reappear on the occasion of this season 2, therefore expected on December 9.

Next week’s update will also be an opportunity to bring the optimizations planned for PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, and in particular 120 fps for Microsoft. More information on the novelties and in particular the Hymns are promised for the next few days.

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