See what these 5 popular Christmas colors actually mean

In many countries, it is common to use some colors now known as the Christmas colors during this period.

The most popular ones are Green, Red, Gold, White and Blue. Here is a look at what these colors actually mean

Red is one of the most prominent colors used during Christmas. Most people dress up in red when attending Christmas festivities.

Long ago, Christmas plays were performed with red apples tied to a Paradise Tree. This was used to represent the fall of Adam when he ate the forbidden fruit. Then Coca-Cola in the 1930s created an ad that depicted Santa dressed in the now famous red coat drinking a bottle of coke.

The ad was loved by all and it didn’t take long before red became one of the most popular Christmas colors.

Today, red symbolizes the blood that Jesus Christ shed on the cross. Since Christmas is technically the celebration of Jesus, this comes as no surprise. The red in Christmas also signifies love, romance, and courage for the remainder of the year.

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Another popular color used during Christmas is gold. This is prominent in ornaments used in decorating Christmas trees, and gifts. Gold actually symbolizes the gifts the three wise men brought to Jesus when he was born according to the Bible story.

Green, another top Christmas color symbolizes the life and eternal nature of Jesus Christ. Its use can be traced back to the earlier mentioned paradise tree used in Christmas plays and how ancient Romans exchanged green plants during winter as a symbol of Goodluck.

Today, in addition to representing good luck, the green in Christmas also represents money, and good health through the Christmas period into the new year.

White is one color associated with purity and peace and has also been adopted by many as one of the Christmas colors. White was also part of the paradise Christmas tree as white paper wafers were sometimes part of the decorations in addition to apples.

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More recently, white during Christmas is seen as representing purity and the triumph of good over the forces of evil.

Though not as popular as others, blue is also one of the Christmas colors. Mary the mother of Jesus who is also significant during Christmas was most times depicted wearing blue robes, a color that was used by the rich and royalty at that time.

Today, blue is part of Christmas, prominent in Christmas lights and even tree decorations.