“She fooled her followers,” Kefilwe Mabote’s wedding was staged

Kefilwe Mabote lies about her wedding ceremony

Kefilwe Mabote reportedly created content with her wedding ceremony which happened in 2023.

The truth about the influencer’s wedding has been revealed by a source close to her.

In January 2019, the star posted pictures of herself posing with a herd of Bonsmara cows with a caption: “Kefilwe Mabote ke makoti alilili”.

She further shared photos of herself in a custom-made cowskin dress by famous designer Gert-Johan Coetzee and rocked a big diamond ring.

All of these posts gained her congratulatory messages.

According to Zimoja, the event was all lies, as Kefilwe did it to increase the number of followers on her Instagram account and to make her boyfriend jealous.

The Mzansi star was reportedly dating a businessman who had two wives; it was presumed that the man had paid her lobola.

“There was never a marriage, that entire thing was staged for content. The poor guy nearly lost one of his wives after she posted those pictures, the wife thought he secretly married her without her knowledge,” said the alleges.

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Another source told ZiMoja that Mabote roped in her family, and they agreed because they know that’s where she makes her money.

“We all knew at the time that it was just for content. She also did it to make her well-known ex-boyfriend jealous after he left her for another influencer. She fooled her followers and other celebrities who were quick to congratulate her,” the source said.

“The bigger the following, the bigger the bucks- if indeed was married where was her hubby during the festive season because she was on vacation with her friends,” another source asked.

Meanwhile, Kefilwe Mabote has taken down those wedding photos.