Somizi reacts to DJ Sumbody’s death


Somizi has taken to his social media to react to DJ Sumbody’s passing.

The news of his death was made known by family members confirming hours after the news went viral on different digital media platforms.

Som shared a conversation he had with Sumbody yesterday inviting him to a picnic which is today, 20th of November.

The media personality said he is surprised by his death and he does not know how to handle the loss of his loved ones.

“I am numb….. I no longer know how to feel and react to the news of the loss of loved ones..::we definitely are living on borrowed time ….. here’s a back story about how life is unpredictable. So yesterday I get a text from Sumbody inviting me to his gig today….. I then offer to post for him but he just says YEP…. then I tell him to have manners which he still doesn’t get it why I say so which he decides to video call to get clarity then I tell him that he’s supposed to say pls and thanks when someone shows acts of kindness which we laugh about and at that time he was at a salon getting groomed and his last words to me were don’t forget to wear white tomorrow coz it’s gonna look like we are in heaven which obviously we didn’t think much about that statement…..:: and little did we know that today it’s gonna be exactly that LITERALLY heaven…… rest easy OUPA….. what a joker u were…… a hard worker and very humble…… ya neh”

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