Sonia and Matthew Booth divorce delayed

Sonia and Matthew Booth are not getting divorced anytime soon as the soccer legend has refused to submit his financial statement.

The couple have been processing their divorce after Sonia found out that her husband was having an affair.

A source close to the model revealed to Zimoja that the soccer legend had affairs with more than one woman.

“I was horrified when Sonia told me of many other women, especially around 2012 when he was living at their Cape Town property while he was playing for Ajax Cape Town. She stayed behind in Johannesburg because she didn’t want to uproot their eldest son in the middle of a school year,” source revealed.

Sonia reportedly wants to be done with divorce, but her estranged husband is taking forever.

“Booth appealed the court’s decision but later decided to withdraw the appeal. Now he is stalling the process, and he risks another approach of the courts by Sonia to file a motion of contempt of court,” the source said.

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“The only thing I can think of as a concerned friend is about Sonia’s wellbeing given how unnecessary the delays are. The divorce could’ve been finalised months ago had the legend submitted financial statements as ordered by the court. Now Sonia knows Booth is hiding a lot more. Why else would he make excuses about submitting the other two-year bank statements the court ordered him to submit?”