Sonia Booth accuses Matthew Booth of infidelity – Photos


Matthew Booth is currently trending on social media but for the wrong reason.

The former South African professional footballer has been accused by his wife, Sonia of infidelity.

Sonia took to her Instagram to air her husband’s dirty laundry and shared some receipts to support her story.

The couple has been married for over two decades and they share two children together.

She accuses Booth of having an affair with Bongani Moller, since February 14, 2022, and says she has had enough of his infidelity. According to Sonia, Bongani has worked with the soccer legend on some campaigns before.

“This was the start: 14 Feb 2022,” she wrote alongside a video in which Matthew is with two other sports commentators and mentions, “every day is Valentine’s Day in the Booth household”.

According to Sonia, Matthew picked up a woman that morning from her house.

A second post shows two bottles of cologne – a bottle of Gucci Guilty and Bvlgari Man in Black. The caption reads: “They spent the night in Polokwane, and the following day he dropped her off at her house.”

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The following post jumps to 10 July and shows three Play Trip notifications. In the caption, Sonia alleges that Matthew bought flowers, fetched the woman from her house, and took her for lunch at Fishmonger, according to bank receipts.

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