Sony Releases an Update for… the PS3

The arrival of updates on the various home consoles is followed very closely by players, curious to find out if a particular problem will be corrected or if new features will be added. On the Sony side, the PS5 and the PS4 are logically the machines that are receiving the most attention at the moment. But that does not mean that the manufacturer has completely abandoned their big sister.

Sony has therefore just rolled out the update 4.87 of the firmware for the PlayStation 3. And as it usually does on its various machines, the Japanese manufacturer simply indicates on its official website that this “update of the operating system improves system performance. ”

The “rpcs3” Twitter account has however retrieved a more detailed description of this update and it reveals that it is mainly useful for people who still use their PS3 as a media player. Here is the official “changelog” associated with this update 4.87:

Update of Blu-Ray (encryption) keys associated with the latest movie releases;
Minor security fixes.

Updates for how long?

The goal of this update is therefore to allow PS3 users to watch recently released Blu-Ray movies through their console as they have been doing since the console was released 14 years ago (in Japan). For your information, installing this file requires 200 MB on the console hard drive. And for the record, the previous update of the PS3, the 4.86 therefore, dated March 31.

In any case, it is interesting that Sony continues to care about the proper functioning of its console. Even if it has two newer machines on the market and the production of the PS3 ended more than three years ago.

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