Tebogo Thobejane – “South Africa is witnessing a genocide”

Tebogo Thobejane cries out against the consistent killings in South Africa.

The actress has been quite vocal about some of the major issues the country has been facing over the past years.

Taking to Instagram, she shared news about how hijackers killed a young boy.

Tebogo calls for an intervention and control from the military, so all of these hideous events can be put to an end.

“Our beautiful country is witnessing a genocide, with someone being killed every day, yet people remain untouched. This happens daily, leaving our kids unsafe amidst drugs, bullies, murders, and rapists. We urgently need intervention and military control to address this madness. Why is this happening? Enough is enough. We miss our country. God, help us.”. I don’t know these people but we need God,” she wrote.