Thami Ngubeni narrowly escapes death

Thami Ngubeni survives kidnapping and car hijacking

Thami Ngubeni reveals how she narrowly escaped death following a recent kidnapping and car hijacking.

The TV/radio personality opened up about the incident during her show with Siya Mhlongo on Metro FM.

Thami who believes her prayers saved her said they took everything from her but not her life.

“On Monday, I was hijacked and kidnapped,” she says revealed on social media.

“They took everything material, but they did not take my life.”

She further appreciates God for making her alive.

“I give God the glory. Faithful God. The God who fights my battles. My God who saved me from the jaws of the lion. I’m thanking God that He saved my life. That even though the enemy tried to harm me, God protected me. A weapon was formed against me, but it didn’t prosper. I walked through the fire but was not burnt!”