The biggest red flags to notice in women - Haybo Wena SA

Those women who seem to have a perfect record of themselves always seem to have a hidden trait that is mostly unpleasant.

The one you’re dating may seem really nice, calm and good to be around, but some things may point out that they are quite different from what they pretend to be.

These signs are known as red flags and are usually toxic and negative traits in a person that one should identify immediately, to avoid getting their heart broken.

Here are some of the biggest red flags in women.

1. She’s aggressive when she’s angry

If a small fight escalates to a heated argument unnecessarily, then it can indicate that she’s has anger management issues. Being aggressive when angry isn’t a good sign as being with such a person can affect your mental health drastically.

2. She always complains about her exes

If your woman always seems to complain about her exes even when she is currently in a relationship with you, then you need to have a serious conversation with her. If she always criticises her exes and puts them in a bad light, then it is a sign that she is trying to hide her own faults by blaming her exes.

3. She will never compromise

Every person requires to compromise in a relationship, in some way or the other. But if it is always her way or the highway, then things can seem really bad for you, in the future. If you continue to be the person who only compromises in the relationship, then resentment might build up against your partner.

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4. She’s disrespectful to her parents

If a woman shows utter disrespect to her parents and or holds no regard for their feelings, then there is no guarantee that she will respect you too. This is a big red flag and you should identify this immediately to avoid being in a relationship with such a person.

5. She becomes obsessive about you

When she is obsessed with your whereabouts and becomes paranoid when she can’t get a hold of you, then it’s a sign that she is obsessing unhealthily over you. She may want to spend all the time with you and if this starts affecting your quality time with your friends and family, then it’s a big NO.

6. She never takes responsibility

Your partner needs to take responsibility for the mistakes she does and if she avoids being accountable every single time, then you need to rethink your decision. Or worse, if she blames you and makes you feel guilty, then stay away from this kind of woman as much as possible.