The logic behind storing wine bottles horizontally

If you think that keeping wine bottles horizontally in the bar is part of interiors and aesthetics, then you need to get your facts right.

It has a very clear logic related to the shelf life and taste of wine.

So, all the wine lovers out there read this piece of information to understand the reason behind storing wine in a certain way and next time you are out to enjoy a wine tasting event, pay heed to the storage and you would be able to understand it better.

What actually happens?

When an excess amount of oxygen enters the bottle, it leads to the formation of acetic acid in wine, which is basically vinegar and as a result, it destroys the texture and flavour and may result in a vinegar-like liquid in the wine bottle.

Oxygen is the enemy

We all know that as aged is the wine, better it is in taste. But it also depends on the way you store them. If they are exposed to sunlight or oxygen, they might get destroyed and result in an awful drink. The studies say that different elements of nature such as oxygen or direct sunlight lead to certain chemical reactions, which may lead to deterioration in the taste and texture of the wine. 

The sideway logic

Storing the wine bottle sideways allows the wine to be in constant touch with the cork and keep it moist. The moisture helps prevent the cork from shrinking and allowing oxygen from entering the bottle. Also, the tiny pores in wine cork allow required amount of oxygen to escape into the bottle while blocking out the excess inflow.