The real reason why you must drink water before tea/coffee in the morning

Waking up at 6 am in the morning and getting a cup of tea/coffee works like magic with most of the people, and in South Africa, it’s a tradition that many people follow to start their day.

Caffeine in the morning works like a fuel that recharges our batteries and makes us get going.

But, according to nutritionists, we must drink a glass of water before following this ritual.

The basic reason for the same is that both beverages are highly acidic in nature and can damage the body in more ways than you can imagine.

Here’s all you need to know why drinking water before tea/coffee is important for us.

1. Hydrating body

The very first reason why we must drink water before caffeinated beverages are that it hydrates the whole body. Many people believe that tea and coffee actually rejuvenate the body, but instead, it dehydrates the body from the inside. Drinking water in the morning also helps in flushing out toxins and diluting the acid levels present in the stomach. Thus, to keep your body healthy and working, it is always suggested that one should drink at least 2 glasses of lukewarm water before having a cup of coffee or tea in the morning.

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A nutritionist agrees with this and says, “After 6-8 hours while you’re sleeping, what your body truly needs at least 500 ml of water before starting your day. It washes out the toxins/acids and rehydrates your body. A cup of coffee/tea is already acidic thus, having water before tea and coffee balances out pH. Tea/coffee might give you that boost of energy but having them empty stomach may cause indigestion/heartburn/acidity. Having water also cleans bacteria from your mouth and gut. Also, having water before coffee/tea rehydrates your cells thus improving mood, energy levels and alertness. It also helps bowel movements this help with constipation.”

2. Protection from ulcer

Ever got rebuked by your mother for over-brewing the tea? Well, the elders have probably more knowledge than us, as over-brewed tea can create more acidity in the body, which can also lead to stomach ulcers. When you drink room temperature or lukewarm water, it helps dilute those acidic levels in the stomach, which can further prevent ulcers.

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3. Eliminating the caffeine crash

Drinking room-temperature water before having that cup of coffee can help you avoid that painful caffeine crash. Now, you might be wondering about this ‘crash’ which is a sensation that happens in the body due to the chemical present in coffee called theobromine. This chemical starts working in the body about 25 minutes after you drink your favourite brew and makes you feel tired. So if you want to be productive and avoid sleepiness, make sure that drink lots of water before coffee.

4. Protects the teeth

Both drinks contain tannin, which is a chemical responsible for teeth discolouration. When you drink your favourite hot beverage, this chemical creates a layer on those pearly whites. But, little did you realise that drinking a glass of lukewarm or room temperature water could offer a helping hand for your teeth. Experts agree that when you drink water fifteen minutes before that first cup of coffee, it helps in producing a protective layer that reduces the chance of staining.

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5. Boosts metabolism

Water does so much for our general wellness and ensures sure our metabolism is running on all cylinders. When we drink coffee, it tends to raise our cortisol levels, which helps us feel alert and awake, but also sometimes stressed and anxious. Cortisol levels are the highest already in the morning, so we can rely on our bodies to fuel us for that little bit of time it takes to drink a couple of cups of water before hitting the coffee pot.

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