The reason why teeth whitening is becoming popular

The process of teeth whitening is removal of stains from the surface of your teeth. The entire treatment of whitening is a one-time process and can be completed in a single visit to the clinic. The process of teeth whitening can be done at the clinic of a professional doctor in just an hour’s time.

The entire process starts by applying the whitening bleach and gel that has got between 20% to 40% hydrogen peroxide. A special heating lamp is focused on your teeth at an interval of 20-minutes for three times. During the break, the professionals will reapply the bleach and gel.

If you don’t get an appointment or have a tight schedule that doesn’t give you a chance to visit a professional then you can get teeth whitening at home by getting products like teeth whitening strips, bleaching streaks and teeth whitening pens to help you out.

These on the counter kits have less amount of peroxide than the products used by the dentist for whitening. People receive good effects from the products. It is an easy way to get your teeth whitening done at home, but having a professional supervision is better and safe for your tooth.

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What are the reasons that your teeth get discoloured and may need a professional help like teeth whitening?

The reason behind teeth discolouring can be different, there are many causes that are prevent able, and there are a certain bunch of reasons that can not be controlled. According to research done with a professional doctor, the reason to have your teeth discoloured can be as follows:

  • Frequent chewing tobacco and smoking a cigarette.
  • High usage of fluorides as a kid.
  • Frequent Consumption of wine, coffee, tea, and cola.
  • Damage that took place because of accidents or trauma to developing permanent teeth.
  • Staining and discolouration of teeth can also happen because of growing age.
  • Certain medical treatments and medication can also be a reason that you will need tooth colouring.
  • Discoloration can also be caused if you have poor oral hygiene.

How frequently can someone get the teeth whitening treatment done?

According to professionals, tannbleking hjemme (that means teeth whitening at home) treatment once done will last for at least one year. It is considered to be healthy if you get teeth whitening done after a year of the previous whitening treatment you have had. You can continue to have a long-lasting pretty smile. Over all, you will maintain your dental health.

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Getting teeth whitening done frequently makes your teeth even more sensitive to cold and hot things and can start irritation in the gum that will lead to damaging the teeth. It is also important that you remember not to brush your teeth soon after you are done with the treatment.

Make sure that you do everything necessary to maintain the health and look of your teeth, and always have a naturally beautiful smile.

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