The right drinks to use these 5 popular glassware for

Do you know that while these glassware come in different shapes and sizes, they are all made to suit a specific kind of drink?

Some people bring them out on special occasions or when they have friends over for a drink. If you are wondering, here are the right drinks to use these five popular glassware for;

Wine glasses as the name implies are meant for wine. These come in different types – red wine glasses, white wine glasses, and champagne flutes.

Red wine glasses have a larger bowl with a wide opening, allowing the wine to aerate and develop its complex aromas. White wine glasses on the other hand have a slightly smaller bowl and narrower opening compared to red wine glasses. This design helps maintain the cooler temperature of white wines and directs the aromas towards the nose.

This is a glass tumbler that is meant to be used to serve sparkling cocktails, especially long drinks like the Tom Collins or John Collins. A Collins glass has a cylindrical shape which keeps the drink carbonated longer by reducing the surface area of the drink.

This glass is meant for serving chilled beverages while reducing the need to frequently refill the glass. It could also be used to serve juice or water.

These glasses have a deep bowl with a wide rim or opening, a thick and short stem, a broad base and are similar to wine glasses. While goblet glasses resemble wine glasses these glasses are actually not meant to be used for wine.

These glasses are meant to be used for water and other cold and refreshing beverages that do not include wine.

Choosing the appropriate glassware for your beverage of choice can help improve your drinking experience by enhancing aromas, flavours, and visual appeal. This is why it is important to know their actual uses.