Let’s accept this–most of us want to be in the good books of our manager and be counted as one of the top-performing employees in the team.

We all try to give our best shot at work to impress our boss, and some of us even praise them unnecessarily just for the sake of maintaining a healthy relationship, isn’t it?

But here’s the truth, simply being hardworking is not the only factor that would help you to outshine others in your team.

Along with this, developing a solution-oriented approach would transform the way your manager sees you and make him or her bank on you in testing situations.

Wondering how? Read on…

The smart tip

Before you approach your manager with a query, take some time off to brainstorm on the problem and come up with a possible solution as well. Your suggestion might not be groundbreaking or your boss might even suggest something better but it shows you at least tried solving the problem at your end and are willing to take on more responsibility.

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1. ​It makes you look proactive

When you just don’t crib about the problems and come up with solutions as well, it shows you are a competent and proactive employee. You don’t mind stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something that might not be your KRA (Key Responsibility Area). Also, it indicates that you have risk-taking and problem-solving attitude; the must-have traits of a leader. Whoa!

2. You are making your manager’s job easier

When you offer solutions and not problems, you are taking off some amount of burden from your senior’s shoulder. You project yourself as an asset for the team and someone whom your boss can depend upon during crisis.

3. It gives you an edge over others

By being a forward thinker, you are dropping a silent message that you know your work and don’t need to be spoon fed. You simply do not rely on others to get the work done. Instead, you dive right into the problem and see what you can do to improve the situation. This trait earns you more credibility at work and in turn, give you an edge over others.

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4. ​In the longer run

In case you dream about climbing the corporate ladder, this is a must-have trait. You are actually preparing yourself to think out-of-the-box, handle complicated and high-pressure scenarios and see the problem from the point of view of a leader.

5. It’s okay to not have a solution to every problem

You might not be able to come up with a great solution to every problem, but the idea is to keep trying and pushing the boundaries. That’s how you learn and hone your problem-solving skills.

6. ​It makes you believe in yourself

It might not happen in a day, but having a solution-oriented approach would tremendously help you in increasing your confidence level. You will start believing in yourself a bit more day by day and be self-assured that you can tackle every situation without panicking. The result? You will become a better individual, personally and professionally.