“The Wife” star Mondli Makhoba says he has a calling to be a sangoma

Actor Mondli Makhoba opens up on his calling to be a Sangoma during an interview with Mac G.

Mondli who plays Nkosana Zulu in The Wife reveals that he was struggling before accepting his calling; he also couldn’t focus on furthering his degree abroad as his mind was always in South Africa.

“I’ll have these episodes… like I wasn’t asleep, but my mind would go to a certain zone. And it only makes sense now, I didn’t understand it then.”

Sol asks him: “How does it make sense now, how do you mean?”

Makhoba replies: “It makes sense now because I have a spiritual gift. I have a calling…”

The actor says he’s an apprentice who is receiving training on becoming a traditional healer.

Watch the full interview below:

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