These 7 gym equipment have more bacteria than a toilet seat!

A recent study concluded that gym equipment contain more bacteria than even a public toilet seat.

Out of the bacteria found in the gym, almost 90 percent were harmful to human.

So if you are a fitness junkie, who spend hours at the gym, sanitization should be a matter of serious concern for you

Here are 7 types of equipment which contain the most nasty bacteria:

1. ​Treadmill

No prizes for guessing this one! We all notice how long people like to spend on treadmills, running, sprinting, with their sweat dripping all over the machine. Even the towel they carry to wipe their sweat is kept on the side bar or the face of the machine, making it even more unhygienic. Treadmill is a common breeding ground for bacteria that can cause skin infections and pnuemonia.

2. Dumbbells

The dumbbell station is another dirty area in the gym. The weights that you swear by have ugly bacteria stuck on them that can cause various infections. Some of them are even antibiotic-resistant. Reaching out for a sanitiser every time you pick up weights may not be the solution to this problem. So make sure you wash your hands after use.

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3. Yoga mats

Those going to group yoga classes or using gym mats to do floor exercises have little idea that the worn out look of the mat is not the only thing wrong with it. Sweaty, sticky bodies leave nasty imprints that can be extremely unhealthy. The best way is to avoid using gym mats – carry your own.

4. Cross trainers

Cross trainer handles are the biggest source of worry. If you notice, your hands tend to sweat more when you are working out on a cross trainer, thereby making you prone to catching infections from other people’s sweat.

5. Ab benches

In any workout, abs are usually the middle part of a regime. This means that you do not begin with one. Hence, by the time you land on an ab bench, you are already loaded with sweat from your warm-up and cardio. This sweat sticks to the bench and the next person who gets on it automatically gets exposed the bacteria present. This bacteria multiplies in your sweat.

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6. Pull up bars

Just like cross trainers, pull up bars are also a breeding ground for bacteria. This is because bacteria needs warm temperature to multiply.

7. Stability balls

Even sharing stability balls can make you prone to a variety of viruses. Gyms usually have very few stability balls for a large variety of people to use.

​How to protect yourself:

1. Use sanitizer for wiping your hands and even the equipment.

2. Carry an extra change of clothes.

3. Only use your own towel. Carry atleast two.

4. Wear gloves whenever possible.