These are some of the worst reasons to get married!

It is quite normal to feel out-of-place and paranoid when everyone around you is getting married and you are the only one who is sailing on the single’s boat.

In fear of ending up lonely or getting secluded from society, people agree to marry someone or the other just so that they don’t have to be different.

Besides these, there are a number of reasons why people opt to marry. But marriage is a decision that people should carefully analyse, introspect and think about.

But alas! People get married for all the wrong reasons. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. The social pressure

When everybody around you is getting married, you may feel the social pressure to marry a lot. You may feel that you are the problem since everybody around you is engaged but you aren’t. Unless you are brave enough to walk a different path, society can pressurize you to get married.

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2. Your family is pushing you

Besides society, family pressure is one of the biggest reasons why people get married to someone or the other. Your family members may be constantly after you to meet someone and marry so that they can live in peace. Thir urge to see you settled down can be too hard to ignore at times.

3. Marriage will fix your problems

People who marry their partners with the mentality that marrying will fix all existing problems in their relationship are totally wrong. Marriage brings two people together. It’s not a fix that will solve your problems. If only, it will increase the problems between two people.

4. Partner giving an ultimatum to get married

When your partner is too eager to get married and gives you an ultimatum that if you do not agree to the marriage, they will leave you, it can be a huge red flag. You should never ever feel pressurised to marry, especially by your partner. Only agree to it when you are mentally ready.

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5. Prove your relationship

Marriage is the basic foundation of society and it is extremely important to build a family. But for that, you shouldn’t have to marry in order to prove the sanctity of your relationship. Firstly, you have to prove nothing to anyone. Some people see marriage as a status symbol, some see it as a way to network, while others simply look to validate their existence via marriage. Marrying to prove your relationship just won’t cut it.

6. You will never be lonely

Marrying someone so that you will never be lonely is not a good reason at all. Being alone can be really distressing and terrifying but committing yourself to someone you don’t know or aren’t sure of, is a very bad decision. If you can’t be happy by yourself, you can’t make your partner happy.

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