These are the most dangerous men to fall in love with!

These are the most dangerous men to fall in love with! - Haybo Wena SA

Men can be very charming when they are determined to sweep you off your feet.

At first glance, they may look very perfect, friendly and welcoming but they might be portraying a completely different persona as opposed to who they really are.

Men who portray being Mr. Right, in the beginning, are the ones who are the most dangerous and toxic people to be with, in a romantic relationship.

They will manipulate and make you believe that you are the one who is at fault. Here are the types of men that you should never fall in love with!

1. The perfect eligible bachelor

Are you wondering why this perfectly eligible bachelor hasn’t found his Mrs. Right yet? Chances are high that it’s you. Or that’s what he is making you believe. This type of man will lure you in with his perfect life, mannerisms, job, charm etc. But when things begin to get a bit serious, they will quickly run away from you.

2. The ready-to-marry guy

This type of man is always ready to get married at the first chance. They think of marriage as a simple process that can happen anytime, anywhere. Once the romance and honeymoon phase fades away, they are likely to trade you in for a new person on whom they set their eyes.

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3. The one who lives off your money

This type of man will live off your money once he gets comfortable in the relationship. They will lure you in by showing off their expensive taste in life, clothes, accessories, parties etc. but in reality, they have no money and are just trying to live off your income.

4. The mamma’s boy

These types of men listen to no one but their mother, in the end. They are too emotionally dependent on their mother and if a woman enters their life romantically, there will hardly be any space for her, because it’s mostly three people in the relationship and not just the two of them.

5, The one who is never serious

You will never find this man to be serious in a situation that requires his support, assistance and help. This type of man is ever ready for adventures and to go on trips and party hard. They will bring out your inner child but they will never be able to help you in a serious situation because they just don’t know how to react to such a situation.