These qualities make December born kids exceptional

People born in the last month of the year are known to be extraordinary.

Those born before December 21 are Sagittarius and those born on and after December 22 are said to be born under Capricorn sign.

It is pretty exciting to know the traits of the kids who are born in one of the most eventful months of the year.

1. Just like a happy wish, December born kids are smart

Seems the good wishes we send to each other has its miraculous effects on these kids. Born amidst well wishes, December kids are said to be the smarter ones.

They excel in school and on the playground as well. Those born in the last month of the year are seen outperforming their peers in academics and non-academics.

2. They are spiritual

December babies have a fondness for spiritual elements. They get attached to the cosmic energy like no one else. They believe something bigger and better exists in the world and always put their best faith on it.

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So, do not be surprised if you find your December baby giving you a suggestion or two on life.

3. They are amiable

Those born in the month of festivals are jovial in nature. They are easy to get along with and make good companions as well.

December babies make friends easily. They do not create a hue and cry over petty matters. They believe in sharing and caring.

4. ​They love sharing their opinion

December born babies are quite opinionated in nature. They dislike being bound by others’ opinions. They like having a mind of their own and give their 100% when allowed to work as per their plans.

Don’t be surprised if your child gets irritated when you impose a rule; instead try to introduce the rules in a gentle manner.

5. They have brilliant imaginations

The unmatchable imagination power these kids have make them one of the most creative babies. They love trying new things and thanks to the conception power of their mind they always find newer ways to handle a job.

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December born kids believe that “smart work is the real hard work.”

6. They might be the youngest ones in the class

This goes without saying! December borns are ideally the youngest ones among kids of the same grade.

Though people say this might take a toll on the social and emotional health of the kid, many kids have done exceptionally well studying among older kids.