Do you know that despite eating a balanced diet, there are certain foods that can secretly push you one step closer to death. Shocking, but true!

Despite eating healthy, one mistake can mess up all your efforts. Here’s a list of vegetarian foods that can secretly reduce your lifespan.

Is a balanced diet enough?

With an increasing awareness towards health and fitness, people are gradually turning vegetarian and adapting to the concept of healthy eating. This is the reason why more and more people are adopting a Mediterranean diet, which has a mix of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meats and processed foods. It is believed that diets that have a balanced approach can boost lifespan to at least 13 years.

However, a shocking revelation was made by a recent study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that a few types of food are shown to increase mortality risk even among vegetarians following an otherwise healthy diet. Here are some foods that can ruin your healthy eating attempts and drag you one step closer to death.

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1. ​Processed and packaged

Are you someone who loves gorging on munchies, chips, packaged breads, pies, candies to name a few. These ultra processed foods can damage all your healthy eating as these foods are ultra risky for health.

These packaged and processed foods are laden with additives, preservatives, excess salt, trans fats and sugar, which together impacts on the health. As per a study conducted by the Loma Linda University, a sample of 75,000 participants was analyzed, where it was observed how eating a lot of ultra-processed foods affected the people.

The research highlighted that eating ultra processed foods affected both vegetarians and non-vegetarians; it was seen that both “faced a similar proportionate increase in mortality outcomes.” In other words, eating ultra-processed foods consistently reduces lifespan—even if you’re avoiding meat. As per the study, processed and packaged foods were also linked to disorders like diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, neurological issues dementia, Parkinson’s along with increased risk of strokes.

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​2. Sugar

Sugar is another major reason that is attributed to the increased risk of mortality. Even if you are eating healthy or vegan, the excessive intake of sugar or processed sugar in packaged foods like candies, packed jellies, jams, sauces can trigger the risk of lifestyle disorders.

There’s a preconceived notion that eating vegetarian food ensures good health, but experts say that despite eating vegetarian and cutting down on eggs, meat and processed fats. The intake of excessive sugar has similar detrimental effects on health and may increase the risk of diabetes, cardiac diseases which increases the risk of mortality.

3. Salt

Even if you are eating vegetarian food, excessive salt intake can ruin your efforts. Foods like fries, munchies, and namkeens that are high on salt can increase the risk of blood pressure, which in the long run may affect the cardiovascular health and increase the risk of strokes. Thus, it is best to eat a diet, which is fresh, locally produced, seasonal and unprocessed to increase life span.

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