This ingredient can keep your closet mould-free while acting as Air Conditioner

Has this ever happened to you that your new clothes have little holes in them while lying still in the cupboard?
Well, if this is becoming a routine, then you need to check your cupboards. It is a possibility that there is mould growing there.
Sometimes, this can also lead to small bacteria and bugs that are not easily visible to the naked eye that can ruin those clothes.
How about we tell you that there is an ingredient lying in your kitchen which can provide a permanent solution to this problem? Still not able to understand?
Take a look.

The secret kitchen ingredient

If you have still not guessed, then let us tell you about the secret ingredient. It’s none other than rice! It’s the staple food for many and serves more purposes than just cooking. Rice can easily absorb moisture and it is because of this reason, people add their mobile phones to the rice box if it ever gets dropped in water by accident.

How does rice help in the closet?

Since rice is a great absorbent and can help remove moisture from any place, it can also act as an air conditioner in the closet. Many times it happens that we add half-dried clothes in the closet, which not only makes the whole wardrobe smell but causes mould as well. So, if this has happened to you, you can simply place a bowl of rice in the wardrobe and add some scented essential oil to them. This will help in making the whole closet smell good while protecting those clothes from mould.

How to do this?

All you need is a cup of rice, your chosen essential oil, a small piece of cloth, and a rubber band to secure it all. Place your rice in the bowl and add around 15-20 drops of essential oil. Cover the mixture with a small piece of cloth and secure it in place with a rubber band. Put the prepared bowl in your desired location, such as a smelly closet. You can use the rice for up to 3 months, less if it’s brown rice.

Other uses of rice

Rice not only helps in keeping your closet smelling nice and reviving mobile phones, but it can also help in keeping the brown or overripe banana go fresh instantly. All you need to do is, place the brown banana in the zip lock pouch with some white rice, and zip it up completely. Leave the bag for around an hour, remove it, and then use a hair dryer to dry the banana completely. In just an hour’s time, you’ll see the brown banana turn yellow again.

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