Who does not love instant noodles? We all do! No matter what age, everybody is up for the 2 minute instant noodles!

But for regular eaters, you might want to give your instant noodles an upgrade! We all love the simple instant noodles though, but giving it a new taste won’t hurt!

We bring to you top 10 ways to upgrade your noodles!

1. Italian instant noodles

Cook instant noodles according to the instruction on the pack without taste-maker. Saute garlic and then add mushrooms. Add oregano, pasta sauce and instant noodles. Let the noodles cook for 2 minutes and top it with Parmesan cheese, basil and olives. Your Italian style noodles are ready!

2. Cheese instant noodles

Cook instant noodles with taste-maker. Add cheese and scrambled egg to make the most delicious cheese instant noodles you have ever had!

​3. Chinese twist instant noodles

This is a Chinese twist to your ordinary instant noodles. Cook noodles according to the instruction on the pack without taste-maker. Saute ginger and garlic aside in a pan and then add chopped carrots, spring onions and capsicum. Stir lightly for a minute and then add ketchup and soy sauce. Toss your noodles and your Chinese noodles are ready to eat!

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4. Vegetable instant noodles

You might have some leftover vegetable curry at home! If you do, then this is the best time to make the most delicious vegetable curry noodles! Just cook your instant noodles with taste-maker and add your leftover curry vegetable to the noodles. Simmer for a few minutes and your noodles are all ready to eat.

5. Mayo instant noodles

Cook your noodles with tastemaker, add 5 teaspoons of mayonnaise and 1 teaspoon schezwan sauce in it and stir nicely. You could add more if you want it spicier! Simmer for a minute and serve, don’t forget to add a slice of cheese on top of the noodles.

6. Chicken instant noodles

Got some leftover chicken in the kitchen? Add curry chicken to your instant noodles and enjoy chicken instant noodles in no time!

8. Soupy instant noodles

Got some instant tomato soup at home? Grab a cup of soup and add your cooked instant noodles with extra taste-maker. Simmer for a minute, your soupy instant noodles are ready!

9. Tomato instant noodles

If you do not have instant soup, no worries! You could cook the same tomato soup noodles another way! Cook your instant noodles with extra taste-maker and add plenty of tomato ketchup to it. Cook for a minute and serve to enjoy easy soupy tomato noodles!