High pencil heels or stilettos look elegant and graceful with any attire. They can make women feel more desirable and confident.

However, one should not regret purchasing a high heel with a heavier price tag on the side.

Always consider whether it is comfortable to walk in and good for your body posture while checking out all the boxes.

Here are 5 things you need to consider before purchasing a high heel.

1. Opt for the accurate size and fit

Always be aware that different companies have different shoe sizes to choose from. Always try a pair first to see whether it is the right size and fit for you or not rather than looking at how beautiful it is. The high heels should fit nicely and also should hold a firm foot in the right place. Loose heels might lead to your foot sliding up and down which will make you lose your balance, tending to fall. Thus, no matter what, always choose the right size.

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2. Try to shop at the end of the day

This might sound uncommon to you but your feet are more likely to be tired and swollen from all the daily activities and is always the best time to shop giving you an idea of how the shoe will fit you throughout the day. Never try out heels in the morning if you end up with complaints of them getting tight after your feet get swollen.

3. Always take a walk test

Never purchase a pair of heels without walking in them first. Start a parade and walk up and down the shop for at least 5 minutes. Try to walk and turn in them while you feel balanced and think hard before purchasing them. If it is hard for you to maintain your balance and posture then you should look out for the other options and always look out for proper thick insoles and cushioning.

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4. Keep placement and thickness in mind

When you’re opting for high heels, always look out for the placement of the heels. Remember that the thicker the heel, the greater the support it provides to your body. Therefore, look out for platforms that evenly distribute your weight across the entire foot instead of concentrating only around the ball of the foot or around the heel as it increases the risk of sprained ankles.

5. Avoid tight-fitted heels

Your heels should carry enough space for your toes. If your heels are not wide enough then it will surely cause serious pain and will raise the issues of cramps. Wearing high heels without some space for toes can develop hammer toes, arthritis, bunions, and foot corns. Therefore, opt for pointy toes heels with a slightly rounded almond shape to get more room for your toes.