What your first date outfit says about your intentions

What does the outfit you wear on the first date say about you?

First dates are so important, that’s the first time you are getting introduced to a person who might end up being a partner and of course, you have to look and dress the part.

Here’s what your first date outfit says about your intentions:

Sweatpants say you don’t want to be there or you were forced on the date. The only place you should wear sweatpants is when you are sleeping on your bed or going to pick up groceries at the supermarket.

Crocs mean you are generally nonchalant. Crocs can go either way, it can either mean you are unemployed or you are rich. If you come out of a Land Rover in crocs, it’s good, but if you come from the street because you are trekking to the date, crocs is a bad idea.

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Jeans mean that you want to keep things cool and casual, you are not unserious, but you are not too serious either. Jeans are always a good idea, especially for women. Men can wear chinos.

When a woman wears a jumpsuit, know that there is definitely no sex, smooching or cuddling. A jumpsuit says you can look, but you can’t touch.

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