Why faking orgasms is bad for relationships

Have you ever faked an orgasm? Well, come to think of it, we all might have done that at some point in our lives.

And you know why? Because frankly, we all think that it’s harmless.

You don’t want to end up looking like a prude before your partner’s eyes, especially when it comes to sex.

But what if we tell you that faking an orgasm can be physically as well as emotionally taxing?

Yes, we aren’t kidding ladies. According to experts and of course, various studies, faking an orgasm has some serious long-term implications.

But have you ever wondered why exactly is there a need to fake an orgasm? Let’s figure it out.

Why do people fake an orgasm?

First, let’s get one thing straight that both men and women fake orgasms. Although women do it more often, men can do it too. Here are some reasons why people do it:

1. No one likes to hear that they are bad in bed. Also, your partner can’t be in the mood to copulate every time, but they don’t want to disappoint you either. So, to make you feel that they have done their job well, they might fake an orgasm.

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2. Sex is something, which is very connected with your mental makeup. You might be at a perfect place, with the perfect partner, in a perfect setting but if you are not in a perfect mental space, then you won’t be able to orgasm and might end up faking it.

3. People who deal with anxiety end up feeling performance pressure. They lose the confidence that they can really do it, and end up faking an orgasm.

4. Also, if someone is on antidepressants, then they might also fake an orgasm, because of the low libido.

5. Having an illicit relationship can also be one of the causes. The thing is that your partner might have lost interest in you, but still has to be there for you, so instead of having a real orgasm they end up faking it.

Here are the mental and emotional implications of faking an orgasm

1. Faking an orgasm can impact your bond with your partner

When you orgasm, your body releases oxytocin, which is a hormone that develops bonds between two human beings. That’s the reason they confide in each other. But when someone is going to fake it, then this hormone won’t be secreted in the body.

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2. Your partner might lose trust in you

Some people consider making love to be very pious and sacred, and not fulfilling that can lead to trust issues. Also, we just told you that an Illicit relationship could also be one of the causes, and if your partner makes out that you are faking an orgasm, then losing trust in you is the biggest implication that can strike you.

3. Your partner might not be able to connect with you

This one is the by-product of the above two. When there is no bond and trust, then communication becomes a problem. This ultimately ruins the connection between partners.

Wait, there is also a physical side effect of faking an orgasm 

This might come as a shocker to most of you, because faking an orgasm might look harmless, but it also has physical ramifications.

And you know what can happen with you – if you fake it all the time, then there are chances that you might have a hard time to experience a real one.

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Faking an orgasm might look beneficial, but it can wreck things for you as well as your partner. So, in case there are issues in the bedroom, just talk to your partner as s/he is the one who can help you get out of it.