Why men find it tough to talk after s*x

Sex is great but when it comes to having a conversation after that, many men get awkward or simply change coarse.

They may do an amazing job uptill the sex which includes the wooing but after that some men do not know how to handle the pregnant pause.

Here are 5 reasons which may justify why some men find it difficult to have a conversation after sex.

1. He fears she may ask for commitment

For women sex can hold a very deep meaning, connect them emotionally and some even feel that the souls are connected, but men just see it as sex. Even if a man wants to be intimate with you, if you are not married or not in a relationship, he may tend to fear your need for commitment after sex and this makes men hold back and awkard after sex.

2. He is scared

Men need validation for almost everything they do and when it comes to sex, they fear their performance. No matter how much of a stud he pretends to be, if after sex he has become awkward, one of the reasons could be that he does not know how he performed is scared to hear anything negative from you.

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3. You are too clingy

Men do not like partners who are too clingy and after sex some women tend to do just that. If your man has become distant after sex then probably, you were clingy after the great time you had in bed.

4. He did not enjoy himself

If he did not have a good time in bed with you then may just disconnect from you so conversation after sex will definitely not be possible. The best way to know so is to ask directly whether the sex you both had was satisying for them or not.

5. Inferiority complex

One of the reasons why men get awkward after sex and do not speak up until you do is that they may have an inferiority complex which is common too. Some men keep thinking that they didn’t perform well and downgrade themselves even if you did not give that vibe. The fear of getting rejected from the opposite sex can be so strong sometimes that it turns into an inferiority complex.

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