Why one should be careful while dating an only child

If you are dating on the cues of dating an only raised child then there are some things that you might consider before getting into a committed relationship with them.

As they are raised all by themselves, there are some things that one might keep in consideration as their characteristics might be different from those who already have brothers and sisters.

Every individual is different and is born with his characteristics, however, you will notice some different functionalities in them which can be negative or positive at times.

1. Need for alone time

As they have spent their entire childhood alone and by themselves at home, they are used to the environment of enjoying their own company. For them, the space in a relationship matters a lot. Thus, if your partner asks for space or alone time, don’t be surprised, as they need this time to think and evolve. As adults this time is keenly important to them amidst all the crowd and chaos around them, their serenity comes by keeping themselves secluded.

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2. Feeling of being overwhelmed

Since their childhood times, they have always seen a nuclear family without any siblings around them. Thus, if you are thinking of including him/her in your big fat Indian family, then be aware of the fact that they might get overwhelmed by this feeling. At times they might get confused about a situation and not know how to act around your siblings, thus do not pressure them too much into becoming a part of your big family right away.

3. Can be unintentionally selfish

Only children while growing up never had to share their things and do not have an account of sibling feelings. Thus, this selfish emotion stays with them which is purely unintentional as they are habitual of it. People often take it in the wrong manner and call it rude, but they do not think about taking other individuals’ opinions and feelings into account, and also while making big decisions.

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4. Will be more sensitive

An only child will be more confident and independent than you, but as they have never been picked on or teased by their siblings, they can be more sensitive to some situations ahead in their lives. Thus, if you’re joking around with your only child partner, always keep in mind that they might get offended. Thus, be prepared already for the consequences and allow them space to think about it.

5. They might be spoiled

We all have this notion in mind that only kids are spoiled brats as while growing up they do get whatever they wished upon without the situation of sharing things. Although it’s a stereotypical view that only children are spoiled which is not true they do get habitual of the caring environment and enter into their adult life. Therefore, be ready to tackle their issues beforehand