Why packaged food with ‘healthy’ label won’t let you lose weight

How many times have you seen a particularly brightly coloured packet of ‘healthy snack’? But have you wondered what’s really healthy in it?

Today packaged and ready to eat snacks have become more accessible ,cheaper and an easy alternative for adults and children but all they cause is obesity and belly fat.

A Survey done by CSE ( Centre for Science and Environment ) found that 93 % of people eat packaged food regularly and 53 % of them consume packaged food or beverages at least once a day.

What leads to buying packaged meals?

Easy availability in and around the workplace and home and increased screen time have further aided these habits in adults. Your most favourite detox juice in a bottle which you have daily is nothing but a blend of carbs, sugar and water – pure 100% empty calories with 0% nutrition. High amounts of sugar and flavours can lower the immune system , cause ADHD and poor performance.

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​What should you check on the label before buying them?

The major “RED FLAG” ingredients to keep an eye on in these so called healthy snacks are –

1. Palm oil / refined vegetable oil

2. Refined flour / Maida

3. Added colours & flavours

4. High sugar content

5. Milk powder

What to do about these labels?

The best tip and trick is if you don’t have an ingredient in your kitchen pantry , do not purchase an item having it. The more important question is how many times have you turned the pack around and checked the ingredients on the label? There is a major need to be motivated to actively seek for the information by turning around packages.

Eat home cooked meals

Eating home based and home cooked foods are the best for weight loss. Try to consume a balanced diet of Millets, whole grains , vegetables, fruits and healthy fats from nuts, seeds, eggs. You’ll eat clean and keep a tab on what kind of oil and spices you’re using. Make mealtimes a fun activity by cooking healthy food for yourself.

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Say no to packaged weight loss foods

Control the consumption of packaged and sugar laden snacks. Try to juice out your own fruits and vegetables rather than buying a packaged bottle. Do not buy cold stored breakfast options and canned ready to eat diet food.

The takeaway

Limit the screen time and make outdoor activities a part of your routine. A well-structured awareness about diet, healthy snacking and avoidance of junk food must be inculcated. Most importantly read the package carefully before heading to the purchase counter. Motivate yourself to inculcate healthy dietary behaviour.

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