Why you need to buy a washing machine

Washing machines have definitely come a long way.

The very first versions included wooden boards where you would still have to do most of the work manually, and later that advanced into automatic versions which were modified to what we see today.

If you look around supermarkets, you will see different brands that offer either semi-automatic or fully automatic washing machines.

Either way, they have both made laundry day much more enjoyable and if you haven’t bought one yet, here’s why you should:

1. They are very convenient

The main reason why people opt for one is convenience. Every day is filled with work schedules and home duties that need to be handled, and after a long day or week, the last thing you want to do is wash clothes with your hands.

With a washing machine, you can quickly toss in what you need to and have everything done within a short time. Even with a semi-automatic machine, the time you spend doing laundry is cut by more than half.

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2. It saves you money

Washing machines aren’t exactly cheap. This can make you worry at a time when the price of everything has skyrocketed.

But, if you often hire someone to wash your clothes, it’s actually more expensive in the long run if you do the math. You need to call them every month at least four times and this can run you a few thousand that could be saved.

When you have your machine you don’t have to worry about that extra cost. You might be broke during certain weeks of the month but at least you will still get your laundry done without being forced to spend all you have left.

3. It’s not as backbreaking

Washing your laundry manually can drain all the energy you have. Plus, you often need to bend and lift heavy things like wet blankets.

That straining isn’t as much when you have a machine. This can be very beneficial if you have an injury or are healing after a medical procedure.

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4. You will have enough time for other commitments

If you wash your clothes manually, there isn’t much more you can do because you can’t be in two places at the same time. A machine will completely change that, and now you can load your laundry in and move on to other activities while that’s being handled.

This is a big breakthrough for busy moms who often have a full schedule. You will get everything done faster and have more time for yourself too.

5. It improves your hygiene

When you do your laundry manually or pay someone to wash them for you, you pay attention to every single item you’re adding to your laundry basket.

Every item you add will mean that you have to spend more time on laundry day or add the amount of money you will need to pay if you decide to call someone.

So secretly, you might find yourself repeating clothes more often than you should, which isn’t hygienic. But when you have a washing machine you can improve your hygiene because you won’t get a panic attack every time you add an item that needs to be washed.

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