Why you should pee before and after s*x

Women receive one particularly prevalent piece of advice in the area of generally held beliefs and myths about sex and sexual health: They should always urinate prior to sex.

We are advised that this may help to prevent urinary tract infections.

But is this accurate, and do the majority of women and men genuinely benefit from the custom of urinating prior to sex or after it?

​Here’s what the expert say

It is recommended that you urinate both before and after sex. The reason for this is that if you have urine in your bladder during sex, the bacteria that is pushed inside could grow, especially if you don’t urinate right away after the sexual encounter.

What are the benefits of peeing before sex?

Many women and men feel compelled to urinate prior to intercourse for reasons other than preventing UTIs, most notably for pleasure. It makes sense to urinate before engaging in sexual activity from the perspective of pleasure. Some people experience the urge to urinate as they approach an orgasm, which shifts their attention to their bladder. It prevents people from experiencing orgasm.

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1. ​Increasing pleasure

Emptying the bladder first can help you feel less anxious about peeing. It’s well known that women experience what feels like an urge to urinate just before ejaculation; knowing that your bladder is actually empty could mean the difference between holding back an orgasm and letting go. Because of relatively tiny bladder, some prefer to urinate prior to having sex. Furthermore, nothing is more inconvenient than telling your partner to let go in the middle of a sensuous act.

2. Extended sexual time

One can indulge in foreplay for longer stretches of time without stopping for a pee break when I urinate before to sex. This does, in fact, boost both your ability to participate in your own pleasure as well as that of your partner.

The takeaway

The immune systems of the majority of women effectively combat the germs that cause UTI’s. If you must, it’s preferable to urinate after intercourse. However, if you frequently experience UTIs, talk to your family physician or OB-GYN about the right precautions you should take to reduce the risks when engaging in sexual activity.

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