Wiseman Mncube to resume acting role on “Uzalo”

Wiseman Mncube has called off his short break on Uzalo.

A few months ago, it was rumored that the actor exited the TV show, but he cleared the air, saying he is only taking a break.

This is after he was shot and badly wounded by Njinji aka Mama Sgebengu, played by Thembi Nyandeni.

However, a source close to Uzalo production company says Wiseman has started shooting his scenes.

“Wiseman has started shooting his scenes. He is returning as the angry Sibonelo. He’ll make sure that those who are responsible for his injury pay,” said the mole.

However, the time he will be appearing on screens is uncertain.

“Season 9 starts early next year and after tough contract negotiations, everyone knows who is in and who is out. But it’s still not clear whether Wiseman is shooting for next season or this season. He is a lucky boy who has two jobs at once. It shows that Stained Glass TV loves his talent,” said the source.

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Wiseman said that he never left Uzalo, but he took a break to focus on other things related to art.“I’m still with the show. That’s all I can say.”