“Yizo Yizo” star Innocent Masuku back on drugs (Video)

Innocent “Bobo” Masuku has refused to remain sober as he is back to taking drugs.

The actor looked drunk and was seen smoking in a video that recently surfaced on social media.

The video raised lots of concern, as many remembered that the Yizo Yizo actor once started a journey to be clear and was an anti-drug activist.

A source revealed to Zimoja that the family of the actor are fed up.

“Trust me, we have all tried to help him, but it doesn’t seem like there is hope. He will shout when he need help,” adds the source.

Another source adds that the former star disappears for days without anyone knowing his whereabouts.

“A TV producer tried to help him to get gigs but he would not show up for auditions and screen testing. Most industry people have given up on him as talented as he is,” adds the source.