Zahara shows off her lover (Photo)

Meet Zahara’s new boyfriend

Zahara shows off her boyfriend on social media.

The singer who is known to be private about her personal life is gradually letting out information about herself, especially after the news of her reality show.

On Monday, Zahara shared a photo of herself with her lover and captioned it with, “Only God knows how long.”

Twitter users jumped on o congratulate her.

However, she’s yet to reveal details about her man, which left some followers curious.

Speaking about her reality show, Zahara is set to unclad her true self to South Africans.

“People think they know me, but they don’t really know me. I want to show people my spiritual side, my family, my close friend, and who I am dating.”

“I know people love Zahara and I want even the mama in the village I have healed through my music to see how I live and think. It will be unscripted and show who I truly am. I am all about inspiring people and healing,” she explains.