Zodwa Loves Ben10s: Is She a Cougar or Pedophile?

Local entertainer popularly known for her affinity for minimal clothing, Zodwa Wabantu loves ben10s, at least according to her dating history.

And while she has made headlines for her barely-there outfits that attract both men and women, it seems that she has now made headlines not just for her taste in younger men, but what it means.

Apparently, Zodwa is “with” a 21-year old young man who goes by the name Ntobeko. This is yet to be confirmed.

She posted an intimate video on her Instagram account which got tongues rolling. Zodwa Wabantu gets very cozy with a seemingly younger man who does not reveal his face. Perhaps that’s part of the mystery and keeping people interested in finding out who he is.

She captioned the post:

“I can’t wait to see you tonight …. Ben 22”

We leave to your imagination what she meant by the caption.

Zodwa loves Ben10s, but what does that make her

Social media is split over Zodwa’s choice in younger men. She has drawn criticism from one side while others have stepped in to defend her.

To begin with, what is the fuss all about?

Some are calling Zodwa a pedophile because she loves Ben10s.

Others called her a predator who preys on vulnerable younger men.

There was a comparison between Zodwa Wabantu and disgraced R ‘n’ B singer R Kelly who is accused of sex crimes involving minors.

However, some called Zodwa a cougar because she seems to be sexually interested in younger men but not underaged boys, therefore, she is not breaking any laws.

According to the dictionary, a pedophile “is a person who is attracted to children.” Zodwa catches them young, but they are not children.

One Twitter user said Zodwa did nothing wrong and the matter should be closed with ‘immediate effect.’ The ‘immediate effect’ mimics how President Cyril Ramaphosa re-enforced the alcohol ban with ‘immediate effect.’

There are arguments that if a man had done what Zodwa is doing, it would have been a different story. He would be “falling” on social media.


SK Khoza, known as Shaka in the Queen, had to apologize on social media after a video of him surfaced whilst having a good time with topless girls.

Whatever the case, it seems Zodwa is only a cougar. She can only be called a pedophile if she has sexual relations with underage boys. And the law will take its course.

But so far she hasn’t broken any laws. She is just being Zodwa.

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