Letoya Makhene gushes over her lover

Letoya Makhene celebrates her wife, Lebo on Instagram.

On Wednesday, the actress shared photos of her partner and captioned them with lovely words.

“You deserve a partner who cherishes your uniqueness and gives you grace as you learn love beyond survival mode,” she wrote.

Letoya remains focused despite rumors about her marriage with Lebo.

A few weeks ago, it was reported that the radio presenter is being abused by her partner.

Letoya slammed the rumors in a lenghty statement.

“I’ve found a deep sense of peace in my life and I will be damned if I allow the devil or any human being to take it away from me. In the past month I was in two movies. One that made Top 1 in SA and Top 5 in US movies. I’m currently working on an international project, I’m an Advisor in an upcoming series, I’m currently shooting in a Telenovela and all while I’m preparing for my upcoming concert 🎶 and raising initiates. With all this, I’ve been approached by film companies for two series and a soapy. My House of HOK blanket range is doing very well. The LM Foundation has donated 300 blankets in the past two months, had soup kitchens and food parcel drives and all this was done by my Wife and I.”

“Instead of being celebrated and getting good publicity for all this, Women’s Month is the time that someone chooses to try bring down and drag two Women who are Hardworking, Driven and Self motivated. Only you won’t win this one!!!”

My family and I will handle this with grace, with our heads held up high and we will hold each other’s hands
Frankly, I’m getting tired of journalists from @thesundayworld calling me and my wife about one thing and then writing stories that have absolutely nothing to do with what they even called about.”

“How is that ethical? You don’t even stop to think about how your tacky write-ups will affect our families, our work and our brands. What happened to investigating a story? So basically I can make up a lie about someone whose life I want to destroy and some journalist will happily write about it just because it’s possibly going to sell papers that we have to admit no one is interested in buying anymore.”

“Thank you so much for this. My wife and I now wonder how we will explain this to the 57 women who have actually gone through this kind of abuse and who we have assisted in getting into safe spaces and getting their lives back together. How we will continue to give back to society from our own pockets and while working with other high profile brands.”