Jurgen Klopp: Prepare for a Party When the Virus is Gone

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has told supporters to prepare for a party when the virus is gone. He was speaking after the team was handed its first premier league title in 30 years.

The charismatic coach who has galvanized the team and supporters worldwide is quoted as saying:

“Drink what you want, you have to prepare for a party when this b******t virus is gone.”

Liverpool, which arguably has the most passionate supporters in Europe if not the world, lifted the domestic title in an empty Anfield stadium due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Jurgen Klopp: Prepare for a party when the virus is gone

One can only imagine what the atmosphere would have been like had it not been for the coronavirus pandemic. The English Premier League, alongside many major football leagues, was suspended after a spike in coronavirus infections across the world.

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The suspension of the league a major blow to Liverpool which seemed on course to win the title which had eluded them for three decades. They had won everything, but this was the biggest they wanted.

But when the league restarted, it was only a matter of when they would win it rather than if they would. It was theirs from the start. However, they crossed the finish line without their supporters who have turned Anfield into a fortress.

Such a comment from Klopp will get tongues rolling and call the manager to order for profanity.


Klopp is regarded as one of the best football managers who turned doubters into believers. Whether it was a slip of the tongue or not, you may want to forgive the former German footballer because the team is having a time of its life.

For Liverpool fans, it was a bitter-sweet moment. After waiting for three decades, they couldn’t be there to witness it. One thing for sure is that when the dust settles, there will be big parties from Liverpool to many towns across the world. But until then, no one knows when.

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For now, Liverpool are currently the champions of England, Europe and the World.

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