Deep House Watch: Kid Fonque & Jonny Miller ‘Output EP’

This week second Deep House Watch goes to Kid Fonque and Jonny Miller with their latest offering titled “Output”.

Kid Fonque and Jonny Miller joined forces for their new and fresh Deep House collaboration “Output EP”, once again, through SA Underground Deep House power-house label, Stay True Sounds Records.

Kid Fonque and Jonny Miller continue their musical journey while the world is in lockdown. The ‘Output EP’ showcases the duo’s productions and collaborations with some of the brightest talents in South Africa including Toshi, Sio & ASAP Shembe. From Soulful to Deep Tech and Broken Beat, Kid & Jonny use their inspirations to create something new and fresh.

Kid Fonque is currently preparing and in the production stage of his upcoming Album. The producer announced ‘Output EP’ a few weeks back, and hinted that this EP is just a taste of what is coming on his Album.

Output EP by Kid Fonque and Jonny Miller is a four-track EP released last Friday 31st on all digital music platforms. As usual with every release by Stay True Sound, Output EP did not stray away from the massive excitement and urge to listen since announced by fans. The EP brings the track “Owakho” with ASAP Shembe, “Sarhalel” with Toshi and the very well-received record “Soulfully Broken” with Johannesburg based songstress and vocalist, “Sio”. The song was teased a week back by Deep House South Africa Youtube Channel.

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Kid Fonque told us on his social media on how this EP came to be and how he met Jonny Miller.

“I met Jonny miller 10 years ago when he came to South Africa for the World Cup football – I knew who he was because I collected broken beat & owned some of his records from his label Jus’ listen – I was a fan. I managed to hook up some gigs for us when he arrived. Instantly we connected, we had the same taste in sneakers, same art on our walls and collected the same records. I had never found someone so like me and someone I was so fond of instantly.”

“10 years ago Jonny said to me’ Mate, if you want to make it in the music business you better start making your own music’ and my journey as a producer started with his help.
There would be no ‘2sides’, Usangikhumbula, ‘I Move To A Different Beat’ Album without Jonny Miller. He is & will always be my musical director, and that’s why it’s such an honor to be able to collectively work on music with him as Kid Fonque X Jonny Miller.”

Kid Fonque and Jonny Miller Output EP is Available right now. Purchase and listen Here.


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