Younger Men Don’t Use Me, Says Zodwa Wabantu

Local entertainer and queen of dance moves in skimpy outfits, Zodwa Wabantu, says that younger men don’t use her. She said this when she appeared on a podcast interview.

Zodwa is known for her love for younger men. She denies preying on the young man. In her recent podcast interview with MacG, the dancer claimed that she loves her Ben10s.

It seems that her relationships come with caveats. She said both parties are aware of the relationship they are getting into. Her role is to spoil the younger men while she expects to get love in return.

However, things can turn around in paradise and the socialite has warned her partners to always know their place in the relationship as she will be the bigger person.

On whether her younger men were using her to climb the ladder, she said,

“I know I am very big, I wouldn’t say they use because I love them because I allow them to wear sneakers from Dubai …”

According to her experience, the relationships take a turn for the worst when the Ben10s develops egos and “think that they are Chris Brown.”

Zodwa Wabantu and younger men

We don’t know why Zodwa had to explain to the world that younger men don’t use her. But given the events of the past few days, one of those reasons could be her recent rant to Vusi Ngubane, her former Ben 10 she accuses of fraud.

She fumed that Vusi fraudulently used her popular name to get a car a brand new Audi car. Vusi denies the allegations and says he is ready to answer to whatever questions directed at him.

Perhaps Vusi managed to dribble Zodwa, as many people on social media believe. Whatever the case may be, Zodwa is just living and enjoying her life. Or at least, it seems so.


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