Caiiro ‘AGORA’ Album release is being sabotaged

South African DJ and producer, Caiiro has just told us that his new album “AGORA” release date is being sabotaged by whoever in which he prefers not to mention names.

Caiiro AGORA album will or is supposed to be the second studio album by the top South African Afro House and Afro Tech producer. AGORA was to be released in 25th September, but for some unknown reasons till date, the album did not hit the stores.

Fans were waiting anxiously for the album and were devastated when it was not available by midnight of September 25th.

Caiiro went to social media to explain the reason why the album did not hit the stores by the date. This is what he had to say about it:

“I would sadly like to apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the release of AGORA, I am a victim of sabotage that I can’t disclose right now, but my release was internally sabotaged and I got an email late last night from my distributor that the New release date is 02 October, of which I don’t understand why.”

“While I’m still disputing this, ill be sharing “TWO” songs on my YouTube channel that you guys request I should share the most, I’m deeply deeply Sorry about this.”

He end-up sharing two hot songs “The Cure” and “Yawela”, in which left fans wanting for more and waiting for the new release date 2nd of October.

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As the new release date was approaching, AGORA again did not hit the stores on 02 October, resulting in more questions and frustration by fans. Caiiro was nowhere to be found for two entire days, and more questions just kept rising of why “AGORA” was not released by the new date.

Finally, after two days, Caiiro again had to explain what happened, and this time we could see that he was not having it and was extremely frustrated and angry about this situation, leading him to release a video explaining the entire situation. The video has been removed by now, but he basically said that the album release date is being sabotaged and that whoever is doing that should continue because they will not succeed.

This time Caiiro did not give a new release date, we think that he did not want to commit to a date to have the same situation happening for the third time. Until now, we have no idea of when the album will be released and who exactly is under this sabotage, but as an act of good faith, Caiiro said that he would be adding bonus tracks to the album.

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Apparently, AGORA was “Internally” sabotaged, in which Caiiro also don’t know the exact reason. Drop a comment below on what you think of this situation.

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