Should you buy a Playstation 5 in South Africa right now or wait?

5 Reasons to Buy or Wait next year for Playstation 5 in South Africa

The launch of the PlayStation 5 console in South Africa by November 19 is almost upon us. In the interest of keeping gamers, and amidst this crazy year that has been 2020, releasing a new product has been extremely difficult for companies, especially a product so popular such as the new Playstation Console.

If you live in South Africa, you might be worried and extremely frustrated since Sony announced the pre-orders of the consoles unless you have already confirmed yours, but many haven’t.

Here are a few reasons why Should you buy the Playstation 5 right now or wait until December or even until 2021.

Playstation 5 Consolea


Console Price

The price for the Playstation 5 in South Africa has been announced for a while. The console will sell for R11,999 for the main disc edition and R9,999 for the digital edition (No Disc Drive).

As we can see, the price is a big increase from the previous generation of consoles by Sony. Currently, the base Playstation 4 is going for R6,799 and Playstation 4 Pro, for R 7,999.

As times are difficult, spending twelve thousand rands on a product is a bit much for most people, the main question is, is it really worth it? Only you can answer that for yourself, but here are some of our suggestion for you.

  • If you have that kind of money lying around, you should go and buy it, as Playstation 5 is a huge improvement over Playstation 4.
  • if you are currently saving to get the console this year, we would suggest to keep saving until next year and get the console by January or February, as it might have a reduction on price.
  • If you currently have the Playstation 4 and is thinking of upgrading but don’t have enough money, we suggest that you should wait until the price goes down.
  • If you can actually afford it, but you are not sure if this will be a good purchase, I would suggest going watch some youtube videos and research about the console to make up your mind.


Availability (Playstation 5 South Africa)

Playstation 5 availability has been a huge problem around the world, and in South Africa is no different. Since pre-orders started, the stocks had depleted in minutes. Raru, GAME, BT Games and all other retailers have zero Stock available until now.

According to Raru, their second batch of pre-orders sold out in 1 Minute.

All of our second drop PS5 Consoles sold out in 1 minute 7 seconds today. We will advise once we know when the third drop of PS5 Consoles are open for pre-orders again. -Raru

Sony is no doubt facing a massive stock shortage of the console and the second drop did not even make a dent in the number of South Africans waiting for a PlayStation 5.

If you were one of the lucky ones that managed to pre-order, you would have to collect your order in-store, as GAME announced that due to high order volumes, deliveries could be expected within 7-10 working days.

If you are one of the many unlucky people that didn’t manage to get a pre-order, bee on the lookout and alert, as Sony said the third wave of pre-order is coming to South Africa, probably around 16th to 18th, days before the official release date.

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Launch Titles

This will probably be the weakest launch in the history of Playstation in regarding launching titles. With a reasonably but not impressive launch lineup, the following games will be available to launch – Demon’s Souls, The Pathless, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Astro’s Playroom, and Bugsnax.

We feel like these games are not enough to make it worthwhile purchasing an R12,000 console, unless you are looking to play all your PlayStation 4 and backwards compatible games at a higher performance and frame rate.

Day 1 Problems

Every piece of new technology has some problems when it first launches, including games consoles. Playstation 3 and 4 also had problems at launch, Playstation 5 is no exception, as people are discovering some problems already.

According to some people and reports around the internet, PS5 consoles appear to be suffering from software corruption issues when you try and load a PS4 game from an external hard drive. Apparently, a console affected by the bug will power down, and upon reboot declare that: “The database is corrupted, it will now rebuild.”

Other software errors are being reported as well such as Data Transfer via USB or LAN, DualSense Connectivity Problem, Loud Humming Sounds, PS5 Download Queue Bug. Still, these are errors that can easily be fixed with a software update.

These are the risk of getting Playstation 5 at launch, are these risk a deal-breaker for you? or is something you can deal with it? Well, that’s a question only you know the answer.


Xbox-Series-X Console

If you are one of those people that are not linked to a brand name or a gamer that really don’t care on what console you play, then if you are thinking of getting a PS5, you should also at least consider getting the new Microsoft Consoles, The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Contrary to PS5, Xbox consoles launched days ago, and there is stock available in South Africa, you can purchase without any problems. Xbox Series X comes at the same price as PS5, at R11,999 and Xbox Series S is available at the price of R6,999. 

Xbox consoles have the same problems as PS5 with lack of Launch Titles, Day 1 problems and bugs, but there would be some advantages of getting Microsoft Consoles, these are Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service that allows Gamers to play more than 100 games for a small monthly fee. Game Pass is a huge and excellent deal, and it has been one of the main reasons many people chose going this Generation with Xbox than PS5.

xbox-series-s console

Another reason would be getting the Xbox Series S. With this cheap console; you can still play games with almost all benefits of this generation such as 4K, HDR, higher frame rate, SSD for Fast loading times, and many other features.


These we some of the reasons and information that will help you make your decision to either purchase the Playstation 5 console on launch date or wait. This will definitely depend on the situation of every single person. If you can afford it, well why not getting it? it’s an amazing piece of technology and a great game console. If you are in a difficult situation financially, then you should consider all possible options.

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