Zodwa Fumes at Vusi, Calling the Ben10 a Fraudster

Local entertainer Zodwa released a video on Instagram ranting to former lover and Ben 10 Vusi Ngubane. She calls him a fraudster. And goes on to say that she has opened a case against him.

“You are a fraudster, I have a case against you … I need Vusi alive.”

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vusie_bokison Wanted by Police for Fraud Cased opened

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Zodwa claims that Vusi fraudulently used her name to get an Audi car. As she fumes, she says she bought her former lover a cellphone worth R20000, an R18000 watch and expensive clothes and shoes.

She wants him alive and has put up a reward for anyone who delivers Vusi to her or the police.

Zodwa and Vusi drama

It seems the ‘drama pot’ was stirred when Vusi posted pictures having a good time with his bae.

As he looks happy in his new relationship, Zodwa is still stuck in the past. She seems prepared and determined to air their dirty linen to the public as she has the “proof.”

There are claims that Vusi secured the bag from Zodwa and used it to secure an Audi R8. He posted a video of himself and his girlfriend going to fetch the car.

However, Vusi denies the allegations levelled against him and says the car was not bought in anyone’s name. He goes on to defend Zodwa, pointing out that social media is making a mountain out of a hill.

“Also no car was bought in anyone’s name, that is an unfortunate lie peddled by social media, not Zodwa.”

He goes on to say that he is not hiding and is prepared to answer to whatever case opened against him. And according to Vusi, Zodwa is “going through a lot” and he is “committed to helping her heal.”

Vusi dribbles Zodwa

Zodwa is known for being attracted to Ben 10s. She recently sparked debate on whether she is a cougar or not. Social media users are applauding the young man for dribbling Zodwa.

The general consensus on Twitter is that Vusi is a hustler and Zodwa will be alright one day. What is your take on the matter?

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