Cyberpunk 2077 – Release Platform & Theme

If you’re a gaming geek, CYBERPUNK 2077 must be on your favourites list. Packed with action in the futuristic Night-city, you play as a cybernetically enhanced mercenary. Cyberpunk 2077 has started pre-order for the game which is coming on the 10th of December on Console and PC platforms.

Cyberpunk-2077 Nightcity

The Night City

The gameplay features an open-world, action-adventure storyline. The Night-City is the brainchild of Robert Night who aims to build an Ideal City. However, the city falls to pieces under the rage of warmongering gangs and corporate outfits taking complete control of the city.

The hostile takeover leaves the police with nothing, but a kowtow to gangs and corporates. With growing control and hostility by mob gangs, corporate giants plan to get rid of mob gangs. The Arasaka paramilitary troops take on the gangs and eliminate them to clean up the city.

Night-City becomes a free state of North California under the hierarchy of corporates and puppets. With new laws in place, the homeless were left with nothing but displaced.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand

Johnny Silverhand

The military deserter is a soldier and names Silverhand after he loses one arm and gets a cybernetic arm. An American conflict turns military troops against the corrupt government. Many soldiers tagged as deserters, and the government uses its manipulative skills to hate those who turned against the governments’ own interests. Johnny Silverhand starts afresh from Night-city where he forms up his SAMURAI band. At the same time, the character becomes quickly popular, a constant wave of challenges. He uses his music to voice against mega-corporations and corrupt government.

Cyberpunk 2077 V

Who is V?

In the Night-city, where glamour and power is everything. Your role is to play as V, a mercenary whose goal is to get one of its kind prototypes. The implant assumes to possess immortality. You can gain a new skillset and playstyle while you’ll shape the story of the game with your decision. Learn new skills, and enhance yourself to push through the limit to get your hands on the key to immortality.

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